Month: September 2017

Tips For A Healthy Smile In Fall

Though the weather may not have caught up yet, it is officially autumn. The fall season typically means a lot more sugary treats and indulgences. Your child may start coming home from school with treats and candy from fall festivities. Maybe you decide to go to a fair or indulge in some apple pie or… Read more »

Questions About Pacifiers

The sound of baby crying can be heart wrenching. We want nothing more to be able to sooth our children’s cries. Pacifiers, blankets, and special stuffed animals can be helpful aids to calming our children down or getting them to sleep. However, continued pacifier use into early childhood can create problems with the jaw alignment, tooth… Read more »

Ways To Be Kind To Your Teeth

“Be kind,” is likely a lesson you try to impart to your children. Usually this means to be kind to one another. Maybe you mean to be kind to your brother or sister, or be kind to your classmates, but an important lesson to remind both yourself and your children is to be kind to… Read more »

Why Are Fillings So Important?

Even with excellent oral hygiene and mindful eating, your child may still develop dental caries in their teeth. Dental caries is the scientific term for cavities or tooth decay. Dental caries produce a harmful acid that erodes the enamel of teeth. Tooth decay can be reversed if treated early before the enamel erosion begins, but… Read more »