Month: October 2017

Can Kids Get Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a very common chronic disease in adults, but can it occur in the mouths of children? The simple answer is yes, children can develop gum disease. It is not as common as tooth decay as for children, but it can occur. Children more frequently develop a mild form of gingivitis than any… Read more »

3 Bad Habits That Should Be Stopped Early

Some habits and actions that your children may be doing are obviously dangerous. Actions like playing too closely to the street or touching an electrical outlet. You may know that you need to immediately stop them from doing whatever it is that could be causing them harm. Some habits and actions may not be as… Read more »

Cavities Should Not Be Ignored

Life can be hectic. To-do lists can fill up faster than we check them off. Sometimes, when it comes to our health or even our children’s health, the little things may fall off the list of importance. If you are choosing between a ballet recital, a football game, or even just not skipping another meeting… Read more »

Reasons To Monitor Your Child’s Brushing

Even the most precocious of children can seem so mature that you may think they need no help doing simple tasks. You may be in awe of how independent they are. Children under the age of ten years old may require some monitoring when it comes to their oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing can… Read more »