FAQ About Kids’ Dental Checkups

FAQ About Kids' Dental CheckupsFor both children and adults, it is important to visit the dentist for a cleaning and a checkup at least every six months. Visiting twice a year gives your dentist to identify any potential issues early. Otherwise, minor issues could be allowed to thrive and eventually progress into something quite serious.  For children, spotting issues early allows for development to stay on track. It also instills a good oral hygiene health habit early. If kids are not taught that visiting the dentist is important, it will be a thought that could carry into adulthood. 

Question: When should a child’s first dental visit be?

Answer: Once your child’s first tooth erupts, it is important to schedule the initial visit to the dentist. After that, routine visits should be at least every six months. These routine visits can help protect little smiles from cavities and other oral health issues. The dentist can also monitor your child’s smile to watch for the development of common problems, such as misalignment or teeth grinding.

Question: How does the exam entail?

Answer: The dentist will take x-rays to create instant, detailed images of the smile beneath the gums. Your dentist will also conduct a thorough physical examination of the mouth to look for any signs of problems or potential issues.

Question: How often is a cleaning necessary?

Answer: Professional cleanings should also take place at least twice a year. Professional cleanings are an opportunity for the buildup of plaque, tartar, and bacteria to be removed from the teeth and gums. Cleanings also give the hygienist or dentist a chance to notice any areas that your child may be missing during brushing or flossing. They can pinpoint the spots that may not be getting attention and help coach your child on how to effectively brush or floss.

Question: What are preventative treatments?

Answer: Dental sealants and fluoride treatments are both treatments that can be provided to help protect your little one’s smiles. Dental sealants help to protect the smile by sealing the teeth with a thin plastic coating. Fluoride treatments help to strengthen the enamel.

When was your child’s last dental checkup?

Routine dental checkups are key to a healthy smile. To schedule a consultation, call Children’s Dental in Galveston, TX, today at 409-744-4551.