Month: December 2017

Resolution Ideas For The Smile

Whether or not you and your family buy into the idea of New Year’s resolutions, it’s hard to ignore the importance of starting the year off with fresh goals. When you have kids or teens, you may find that they come up with their own resolutions. You may have your own resolutions already cooked up… Read more »

Dentist’s Tips For Holiday Travel Packing

If you have ever seen the movie Home Alone, then you have gotten a taste of what traveling with kids during the holidays is like. While it is unlikely that you will forget your child at home like in a comedy movie, there is a chance that something like a toothbrush could be left behind. … Read more »

Two Things To Remember During A Toothache

Whether you or your child are experiencing a toothache, it can be a major speed bump for your day. If your child is experiencing the toothache, it can be challenging to try to comfort them. Toothaches can be extremely painful. Sometimes a toothache comes and goes, but it is often the sign of a dental… Read more »

Tips To Help Your Child To Drink More Water

Drinking water is essential for your body’s health. It is also essential for your mouth’s health. Water helps keep harmful bacteria rinsed away and keeps your soft tissues hydrated. For some reason, this essential element of our diet can be a challenging habit to get into. Drinking enough water can be a challenge for both… Read more »