Month: January 2018

Learning The Importance Of Flossing Early

Many adults admit that flossing everyday is a hard habit to pick up. So, it is understandable if you find the process of teaching your children to floss to be a challenge. The basics of how-to floss can be a little hard to teach, as well as teaching the habit of doing it twice a… Read more »

Do Dental Issues Affect My Child’s Speech?

The benefits of dental care for your child can reach far beyond just having a healthy smile. Preventative routine dental care can help protect your child’s overall health and beyond. Oral health in the developing years can have a major impact on the development of your child’s speech patterns and abilities. Making sure that the teeth… Read more »

Simple Changes To Help Little Smiles

The new year is a time of making resolutions, and it could be a good time to actually implement some lasting changes. There are some simple changes in your child’s routine that can be made that may help prevent tooth decay. Shaking up bad habits is a lot easier to do when you are younger… Read more »

When Do Teeth Typically Emerge?

It can be very exciting when your child’s first teeth appears. Typically, for most babies, teeth begin to appear at about six months of age. Tooth eruption schedule refers to the approximate timeline of when baby teeth and adult teeth begin to erupt or emerge from the gums. When the first teeth appear or by… Read more »