Month: February 2018

FAQ: Fillings For Kids’ Smiles

When a parent hears that their child needs a dental treatment like a filling, a ton of questions can come up. Knowing the answers to these questions before a filling is needed can both prepare you for the treatment when needed and possibly help you to avoid the need for it. We have compiled some… Read more »

Is Your Child Having Difficulty Chewing?

Kids are not always forthright when it comes to issues that they may be experiencing. However, even if they aren’t telling you something with their words, they might be telling you with their actions. Have you noticed that your child seems to be having some difficulty chewing while eating? While they may always look at asparagus… Read more »

Safe Smiles And Fun For Kids On Valentine’s

Do you love making Valentine’s Day special for your little ones? They may come home from school or daycare with lots of candy and Valentines from classmates. Do you get a little worried that all of the sugar from these sweet lovable treats are problematic for your kids? While a little bit of sweet on this… Read more »

A Simple Guide To Dental Care For Kids

Kids grow and lose teeth, so quickly that it can seem like the teeth are just milestones in the life. However, it is important to know that primary teeth (baby teeth) play a huge role in how your child’s smile will be for the rest of their life. Therefore, keeping their primary teeth healthy and… Read more »