What’s Special About Special Needs Dentistry?

What's Special About Special Needs Dentistry?Developmental disabilities can make everyday dental care a challenge, which can make routine dental visits even more important for those of us with challenges. Children and adults with special health care needs still need care just like everyone else, but they may require a dentist who caters to those with specialized needs. Special needs dentistry requires a dentist with additional training and one who is compassionate and patient to accommodate a wide variety of needs. 

Children With Special Health Care Needs

Special needs dentistry includes treating children with a physical, emotional, developmental, cognitive, sensory, or mental impairment, as well as those affected by an orofacial disorder or condition. Treatment for children with these types of challenges can include examinations, fillings, cleanings, etc. along with a unique understanding of the specific effects of the condition to provide effective treatment. An understanding of the unique nature of the child’s condition can make caring for the dental needs possible.

Importance of a Calming, Comfortable Experience

Patients with special needs typically require a slower approach than usual. Having well-trained office staff ready to care for a variety of needs can make a dental visit much more comfortable for everyone involved. A dentist with access to a hospital setting can provide access to sedation and advanced anesthesia when needed. A dentist with knowledge of special needs can also provide knowledgeable advice on care at home. For example, a battery-operated toothbrush can be helpful for someone with a lack of motor skills to help make sure the teeth are getting efficiently cleaned from day to day. A long term relationship with a dentist can help make each visit more calm and comfortable. Not only will the dentist better understand the specialized set of needs, but can also get to know the child on a personal level. Trust and camaraderie go a long way in dental care.

Children’s Dentistry provides special needs dental care

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