Month: April 2018

Tips For Making Oral Hygiene More Fun

Instilling the value of good oral hygiene in your children will not only help them to grow up with beautiful smiles, but it can also help instill healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Making oral hygiene fun is a great way to make your kids actually want to participate. Instead of feeling like a… Read more »

Ways To Help Kids Avoid Cavities

Unfortunately, children’s smiles can be more prone to cavity development than adult smiles. You may take that to mean that tooth decay targets kid smiles more than adults, but that it is not the case. Children seem to be more susceptible to decay because they are less adept at protecting their smiles. Successfully preventing cavities… Read more »

Reasons To Restore A Child’s Tooth

Many people believe that most serious dental problems only affect adults. Unfortunately, that is just not the case. Many children and teenagers can also suffer from severe dental trauma and decay, which can be quite problematic for young smiles. Problems that include tooth loss (of the permanent teeth) and infection can occur in children. Fortunately,… Read more »

Is It Possible To Brush Too Hard?

It is possible to brush your teeth too hard. While adults and teens can be guilty of hard brushing, too, children can easily fall into bad hygiene habits. This is what makes it particularly important to monitor children’s brushing sessions to make sure it is being done effectively and efficiently. Kids tend to brush their… Read more »