Month: July 2018

Don’t Skip These Children’s Dental Basics

When you read “dental basics” it’s likely that brushing and flossing jump to mind. Those are vital, but we step off the traditional path to talk about a few dental basics you might not immediately consider. Every parent wants to make sure their child has the best chance possible for a smile that is healthy, and … Read more »

To Sippy Cup Or Not To Sippy Cup?

Sippy cups are a hot topic of conversation among parents right now. With plastic straws being problematic for the environment, adult sippy cups have even come to the forefront of the discussion. Sippy cups can be a great tool for parents between the bottle/breast and using a regular cup. It can be a way to… Read more »

Preparing For Your Child’s First Filling

A lot of feelings can occur when a parent hears that their child needs their first filling. Guilt, anger, fear can all come in waves. It is very important to remember that a filling is a helpful restoration that can set your child’s smile up for success. Sure, you may want to think about how… Read more »

Are My Child’s Headaches A Mouth Problem?

Just like for adults, the root cause of headaches can be an endless list of possibilities. Some issues may be something that your pediatrician can help you address, while some other causes may have to do with oral health. Teeth grinding, jaw clenching, or an imbalanced bite can all be oral health problems that can… Read more »