Month: August 2018

Why Crown A Baby Tooth?

A dental crown is like a cap for a tooth. It restores a tooth that is severely decayed or damage. It looks and acts like a tooth while providing protection against further decay or damage. It also restores the biting and chewing abilities that the tooth once had. Many parents wonder why it is important… Read more »

Electric Toothbrushes For Kids: Pros And Cons

As a parent or guardian of young kids, you do your best to protect your children. When it comes to dental care, that remains true. You take them to dental exams and cleanings at least once every six months. You are mindful about the food and drink they consume. You make sure they brush and… Read more »

Going Back To School With Healthy Smiles

For most of the schools in Galveston, Texas, the students return to class in another week or so. NO matter what time of year, it is always important to keep smiles healthy. If your kids are returning to school soon, you may want to think about coming in for a dental visit while the summer… Read more »

My Kids Love Sugary Stuff!

Babies and children have a biological predilection towards sweet foods and drinks. It starts with the slightly sweet nature of breast milk. Kids are hardwired to seek foods that will provide their growing bodies with energy. In nature, energy-providing foods like fruit are sweet. The issue with this natural inclination towards sweet, sugary stuff is… Read more »

Smile Safety At The End Of Summer

The temperatures are not too hot in Galveston, TX, at this time of year, but when you’re outside for too long, the heat can add up. Long, hot days can lead to grumpiness, sleepiness, dehydration, and more, which can all take their tolls on smile health. In order to keep your children’s smiles and the… Read more »