Going Back To School With Healthy Smiles

Going Back To School With Healthy SmilesFor most of the schools in Galveston, Texas, the students return to class in another week or so. NO matter what time of year, it is always important to keep smiles healthy. If your kids are returning to school soon, you may want to think about coming in for a dental visit while the summer schedule is still a bit more relaxed. To prepare for school, we have some tips on how to keep smile health a priority during the school year. 

Smile Supplies

Back-to-school shopping usually involves picking out new outfits, new notebooks, bedazzled pens, a fun new lunchbox, etc. Something that is usually overlooked is oral hygiene supplies. Depending on your last update of the family’s toothbrushes (should be changed every three months), it may be time to stock up on smile supplies. A pencil case with floss, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, and any orthodontic supplies can be helpful for a post-lunch hygiene session at school.

Lunch Advice

Water is an overlooked drink to pack in a lunchbox. A can of flavored carbonated water (without added sugar) or a bottle of water with fruit in it can be a fun way to jazz up a simple drink. Juice and milk both have sugar in them that can linger in mouths for the rest of the day after lunch. Balance and moderation are helpful when it comes to lunch packing. If you’re going to put a sugary treat in the packed lunch, maybe it doesn’t go in every day of the week.

Stick to the Plan

A busy schedule with school and extracurriculars can sometimes leave the basics unattended. For example, if you child is having a hard time adjusting to getting up early, they may feel too rushed in the morning to brush their teeth. Oral hygiene routines are essential no matter how busy life gets. The same goes for dental visits and dental cleanings.

Are you kids going back to school soon?

Going back to school may mean a slight adjustment to your smile routine. To schedule a consultation call Children’s Dental in Galveston, TX, today at 409-744-4551.