Trick-Or-Treating Tips For Smile Health

Trick-Or-Treating Tips For Smile HealthSince candy is seemingly the most important part of trick-or-treating, it can safe to assume that the activity is not particularly smile-friendly. However, with a bit of mindfulness and vigilance about oral health, trick-or-treating can stay safe for little smiles. Your dental team in Galveston, TX can help you with more tips and tricks for keeping children’s smiles clean and healthy! 

Keep Up With Hygiene

Brushing and flossing teeth every day is always important, but there are busy times of life when it can fall to the wayside. It is important not to let the busy fun of Halloween get in the way of the hygiene routine. If your child eats a lot of candy after dinner, it is important that their smile gets cleaned up before they go to sleep. A sleeping mouth can get dry when saliva production slows down. A dry mouth can be a perfect environment for bacteria to feast on sugary leftovers to create tooth decay.

Watch Out For Falling Down

Tripping and falling down during trick-or-treating is common. These falls can cause an injury to the mouth, such as a chipped tooth. To help prevent these types of injuries, be on the look out for costumes that are too long or shoes that do not fit. It is also important that the vision not be impaired through a mask. An costume that is easy to walk in along with a well-lit path can help reduce the risk of tripping or falling down.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is a helpful way to keep the mouth rinsed between oral hygiene sessions. It can also help kids stay healthy and hydrated. When trick-or-treating, be sure to bring a water bottle for each kid to drink during the walk. Sugarless gum can be another great option for helping to keep saliva production flowing in a smile. Between eating pieces of candy, make sure drinking water or chewing sugarless gum are a must.

Trick-or-treating can be safe for smiles

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