Holiday Treats Can Be Trouble For Young Smiles

Thanksgiving can be a favorite holiday of just about every family member. After all, it can be hard NOT to enjoy a day so full of great food! If you practice smart smile care, you can be aware that too many tasty holiday treats might be hard on your teeth. You can even recognize the trouble with dishes that seem healthy, but are heavy with starches or sugars. Unfortunately, kids can have a harder time being mindful of their oral health when presented with so many tasty foods. While your Galveston, TX children’s dentist is ready to help young smiles during routine appointments, what they do between visits can be significant. You can help protect your kids from smile trouble by helping them make smarter choices on Thanksgiving.

Helping Kids Make Smart Meal Choices During Holiday Gatherings

Pay attention to what your kids put on their plate. While there are healthy foods among the Thanksgiving staples, some choices can be less than great for their teeth. One thing you can do to curb problems is to pay attention to portion size. Limiting the amount of what they eat, rather than limiting their choices, can lead to fewer conflicts.

Are Your Kids Doing A Good Job Brushing And Flossing?

Thanks to fluoride treatments, and the placement of dental sealants, kids can count on some extra support in their fight against cavities. With that said, their daily habits still matter, and you should pay attention to what they are doing when they brush and floss. If they rush through these actions, or try to skip them, they can be more likely to develop cavities.

Children’s Dental Can Help Young Smiles Stay Healthy

At Children’s Dental, we are proud to help kids in and around the Galveston area keep their teeth in great shape. In addition to offering preventive care, we can help young patients by offering guidance, and treatment when something is wrong. Between your support at home, and our support in the office, your kids can keep their teeth in great condition! To schedule a consultation call Children’s Dental in Galveston, TX, today at 409-744-4551.