Sneaky Smile Dangers Of Popcorn

Sneaky Smile Dangers Of Popcorn When you think about holiday treats, you probably first think about Christmas cookies and candy canes. Popcorn might not be high on your list, but it is a treat that comes out in full force this time of year. Whether you are snacking on some while you use it to decorate the tree, munch on it while you watch holiday movies, or give it as a gift in one of those big popcorn tins, popcorn seems to be everywhere. It is important to be careful when eating popcorn as it holds some sneaky potential problems for the smile. If you do end up facing one of these issues, it is important to contact our office in Galveston, TX as soon as possible. 

Hulls Stuck in Gums

Do you know the very thin, golden shells that sometimes separate from a popcorn kernel? Those are known as the hulls. You may have felt them get stuck on the roof of your mouth or between your teeth and gums. Usually taking a sip of water can dislodge a hull from your smile, but sometimes it stays stuck. If brushing and flossing does not help remove it, do not try to use other foreign objects to poke at your gums. It could result in injury. If you or your kid has a hull stuck in your gums, contact your dentist. Leaving it in could result in a painful infection.

Biting an Unpopped Kernel

When snacking on popcorn, it can be easy to just throw in handfuls at a time without really looking at what you are eating. However, it is important to be mindful when eating popcorn and to tell your children the same. Biting down on a rock-hard unpopped popcorn kernel can result in a fractured tooth.

The Sweet Stuff

Some popcorn is a low-calorie snack. In the holidays though, people tend to go for the caramel corn, kettle corn, or sticky sweet popcorn balls. These sweet options can leave a lot of sugar on your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay. Be sure to keep up with your hygiene to help keep your smile clean.

Popcorn can pose some sneaky threats to the smile

Remind your children to chew popcorn carefully. To schedule a consultation call Children’s Dental in Galveston, TX, today at 409-744-4551.