Month: January 2019

A Brief Look at the Value of Fluoride Treatment

The goal of teaching children good hygiene skills and getting them acquainted with visiting the dentist is to give them the tools they need to keep their smiles healthy for life. Sometimes, though, children need a little more than just skill with a toothbrush to protect their young teeth from issues such as cavities. At… Read more »

Ways to Help Your Child Avoid Toothaches

When it comes to your child’s dental health, you have plenty to be concerned about. How can you make sure the lessons you teach about dental hygiene stick? Are you sure you’re showing your child the right way to brush and floss each day? However, when your child’s tooth starts to ache, several more pressing… Read more »

Why Baby Teeth Matter, and Other Important Questions

Eventually, your child’s baby teeth will start to fall out, one by one, making room for their permanent replacements to grow in and get settled. Because they’re destined to come out on their own, you might wonder what’s the point in trying to preserve them for as long as possible? The truth is that, while… Read more »

Dental Treatments that Help Prevent Cavities

Cavities can become a problem for anyone at any age, but it’s often one of the biggest focuses of your child’s dental treatment. That’s not because children’s teeth are especially susceptible to cavities, but because their inexperience in keeping up with good hygiene means oral bacteria might have a better chance of causing tooth decay…. Read more »

Talking To Your Kids About Oral Health

Kids these days live in the time of instant information. They can literally just say, “Hey Alexa, tell me who won the War of 1812” and get an instant computer-generated fact said out loud to them. For parents, this can be daunting. How do you talk to your children about important things? How do you… Read more »