A Brief Look at the Value of Fluoride Treatment

The goal of teaching children good hygiene skills and getting them acquainted with visiting the dentist is to give them the tools they need to keep their smiles healthy for life. Sometimes, though, children need a little more than just skill with a toothbrush to protect their young teeth from issues such as cavities. At our Galveston pediatric dental office, we offer a few conservative treatment options to help boost the health, strength, and integrity of your child’s teeth. For example, if your child is at an increased risk of tooth decay, then we might suggest making their teeth stronger with the help of fluoride treatment.

The goal of keeping teeth strong

The protective layer of enamel that surrounds healthy teeth is the most resilient substance that the human body produces. However, it grows significantly less so when under attack from harmful oral bacteria, which can compromise the layer and lead to tooth infection. Therefore, the most important strategy for preventing cavities is to help keep children’s teeth strong. That means minimizing attacks from oral bacteria by consistently keeping teeth clean, as well as bolstering the enamel to strengthen it against the attacks that do occur. Because enamel is compromised almost entirely of mineral crystals (such as calcium), it needs minerals to repair itself and regain its strength.

How fluoride helps

As a mineral, fluoride has the ability to bond to mineral strands of weakened tooth enamel, fortifying the layer around your child’s teeth to repel oral bacteria better. During a routine checkup and cleaning appointment, we may notice that your child’s tooth enamel has grown weak, which would mean that their risk of developing cavities is significantly higher. In addition to professional cleaning to remove harmful plaque and tartar (biofilms that are filled with oral bacteria), we might also suggest boosting the strength of tooth enamel by gently applying a topical fluoride treatment to it.

When fluoride treatment is recommended

Unlike a professional cleaning, not every child will require fluoride treatment to keep their smiles healthy. However, when appropriate, it can be a significant factor in helping your child prevent a cavity that could impact their long-term oral health. During a routine visit, we’ll thoroughly examine your child’s teeth and gauge the strength of their enamel, using digital imaging equipment for optimal results. We often recommend fluoride treatment when this enamel has become significantly thinner and weaker, and when performed in time, it can often help prevent cavities from ever having the chance the form.

Fluoride treatment for stronger teeth

Fluoride treatment is just one of many ways in which we can help protect your child’s smile better. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Children’s Dental in Galveston, TX, today at 409-744-4551.