Month: February 2019

Could You Make Your Child’s Smile Healthier?

Brushing and flossing teeth is one of the earliest life lessons we teach our children, and the concept of good hygiene overall is one of the most important ones. However, your desire to help protect your child’s smile doesn’t stop there. At our Galveston, TX, children’s dental office, educating young patients about their oral health… Read more »

A Few More Questions About Your Child’s Dental Health

In many ways, keeping your child’s smile healthy is very similar to maintaining your own good oral health. Brushing teeth twice a day and flossing at least once are equally important, as is visiting the dentist at least once every six months for routine checkups and cleanings. However, the difference is that children aren’t always… Read more »

Should Baby Teeth Get Fillings?

Preventing cavities and other dental health issues is an important part of routine children’s dental care. Combined with a good schedule of hygiene at home, regular preventive visits help prepare your child for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Sometimes, though, children can still develop cavities in their primary teeth, which can raise the question, should… Read more »

How Do Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities?

The main goal of routine children’s dental care is to help your child avoid potentially serious dental health issues. For example, cavities are the most common of these issues, though by consistently brushing, flossing, and professionally cleaning away harmful oral bacteria, your child has a good chance of avoiding them. At our Galveston, TX, children’s… Read more »