Month: March 2019

Should You Consider Dental Sealants for Your Child?

Should You Consider Dental Sealants for Your Child?The point of teaching children good hygiene practices and bringing them to the dentist’s office every six months is to prevent issues like cavities (and more) from forming. However, sometimes, your child may benefit from more than good hygiene and regular preventive cleaning to keep cavities away. At… Read more »

In Case Your Child Gets a Toothache

When you get a toothache, it’s often hard to ignore. The same should be true if your child complains of a toothache, as well. Even if the aching doesn’t seem severe at first, it may not take long for whatever is causing it to grow much more serious. This will lead to more intense discomfort… Read more »

Facts You Should Know About Kids’ Cavities

Cavities are common, and though there are several ways to treat one if it develops, it’s much better to help children prevent them forming in the first place. However, when preventing a cavity doesn’t work, treating it conservatively and as quickly as possible could be key to saving your child’s smile. At our Galveston, TX,… Read more »

Are Dental Checkups Any Different for Children?

Everyone should attend dental checkup and cleaning appointments after the age of three years old. For young children just learning to care for their smiles properly, these appointments can prove even more important. At our Galveston, TX, children’s dental office, we’re especially equipped to help prepare children for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. While… Read more »