The Benefits Of Checkups And Cleanings For Kids

Your dentist has probably told you several times to undergo a checkup and cleaning every six months. But what about kids? When should children have their teeth examined and cleaned? In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about what makes these visits so important, and when children in Galveston, TX, should see the dentist.

Identifying Problems

A routine checkup every few months means we have a chance to watch as a child’s smile grows and develops, and watch for possible signs of trouble. We examine the smile for warning signs of developing tooth decay, offering treatment before kids experience toothaches and tooth sensitivity. We also watch for the signs of developing misalignment, so we can begin orthodontic treatment and limit the amount of time children may need to wear braces in their teen years. We’ve also found that regular visits help reduce dental anxiety, as kids become accustomed to seeing the dentist. The first checkup needs to happen within six months of the first baby tooth’s eruption. Once your child is three, routine visits every six months will become necessary. We always take steps to ensure your little ones feel comfortable and enjoy their experience at the office.

Preventing Tooth Decay

As part of the preventive visit, we will also offer a dental cleaning. The procedure enables our team to completely remove all plaque from the teeth. A bacterial byproduct, plaque actually increases the risk of tooth decay by weakening outer tooth enamel. A cleaning also keeps teeth bright and helps freshen breath. We may also discuss other preventive treatments, such as fluoride treatments to strengthen the outer layers of tooth enamel. In addition, a dental sealant may be prescribed, which prevents food from becoming stuck between the hard-to-reach rear teeth. These options help children enjoy healthy smiles and reduced risk of developing tooth decay.

Instill Good Dental Habits

During these visits, we also a chance to talk to children about dental hygiene. We can explain to them, and their parents, the importance of healthy snacks and drinks. Our team will also explain proper brushing and flossing and other healthy habits to protect their teeth and gums. As children gain an understanding of oral hygiene and begin to make healthier choices, these stick with them and they become more likely to see the dentist as adults. If you have any questions about our checkups and cleanings, or about our preventive fluoride treatments and dental sealants, then please contact our team today.

Is Your Child Ready for a Visit?

We’re ready to help your little ones enjoy optimal oral health with routine checkups and cleanings. For more information on children’s dentistry and preventive dental care, then schedule an appointment by calling Children’s Dental in Galveston, TX, today at 409-744-4551.