Month: June 2019

Our Team Offers Special Needs Dental Care

For children and adults with special needs, receiving the care necessary to keep smiles healthy and strong may be difficult. However, your Galveston, TX, dentist understands, and we’re ready to help those with special needs obtain the care needed to protect their smiles for years to come. What should patients and their families expect from… Read more »

Preventing Cavities With Dental Sealants

A number of factors could limit your child’s risk of cavities, such as healthy diets and fewer sugary foods and drinks. However, some children may be susceptible to cavities even if they brush, floss, and enjoy healthy snack choices. To limit the risk of decay, we may offer children in Galveston, TX, dental sealants. How… Read more »

Tips For Healthy Summer Smiles

Summer time means your kids will be home from school and freed from their school-related obligations. However, with this new free time comes the risk of neglecting their routines, routines that could include regular brushing and flossing. In today’s blog, we’re talking about what parents in Galveston, TX, can do to help their children maintain… Read more »

When Does A Child Need A Dental Crown?

In our previous blog, we took a look at how we repaired cavities with a dental filling. But sometimes, our Galveston, TX, patients will need more than just a filling. If a more substantial repair is needed then we may create and place a custom-made dental crown. When does a child require one, and how… Read more »