Preventing Cavities With Dental Sealants

A number of factors could limit your child’s risk of cavities, such as healthy diets and fewer sugary foods and drinks. However, some children may be susceptible to cavities even if they brush, floss, and enjoy healthy snack choices. To limit the risk of decay, we may offer children in Galveston, TX, dental sealants. How does this acrylic coating prevent cavities?

Tooth Decay in Little Smiles

When children consume foods high in sugar and starch, or drinks with lots of sugars and acids, then this leaves behind particles for bacteria to break down. Plaque begins to coat the teeth as a result, weakening enamel and increasing the risk of tooth decay. A cavity could cause toothaches and pain and if ignored, could mean a baby tooth needs to be removed prematurely, which impacts overall alignment. If your little one reports an aching tooth, let us know right away. Also, be sure your child attends routine checkups and cleanings so we can watch for cavities and treat the issue in the earliest possible stages. We will also discuss proper brushing and flossing, as well as healthy food and drink options to help smiles stay cavity-free throughout the summer.

Prevention with Dental Sealants

We begin by drying the teeth receiving them, and then preparing the sealants. We apply an acrylic coating to the molars in the rear of the mouth, which are difficult for kids to reach when brushing and flossing. We cure the sealants, the entire process only taking a few minutes. The protective layer then prevents food from becoming stuck between the teeth, which significantly lessens the risk of tooth decay and infection in their smile. The layer will eventually wear away with time, so we can reapply in the future as needed.

Fluoride and More

Along with sealants, we may offer a fluoride treatment, which addresses the front and side teeth as well. Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, actually strengthens outer tooth enamel and helps prevent cavities. In fact, since being added to tap water in the United States, children have enjoyed a reduced risk of tooth decay across the board. The varnish application only takes a minute or two, and can be applied in future checkup and cleaning visits. If you have any questions about preventing tooth decay and safeguarding little smiles, then please contact our team. Be sure to schedule your child’s summer checkup and cleaning today!

Does Your Child Need Preventive Care?

Be sure to schedule a visit or your little one, so we can perform an exam and make sure they enjoy healthy smiles all summer long. For more information on the care we offer children of all ages, schedule an appointment by calling Children’s Dental in Galveston, TX, today at 409-744-4551.