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Facts You Should Know About Kids’ Cavities

Cavities are common, and though there are several ways to treat one if it develops, it’s much better to help children prevent them forming in the first place. However, when preventing a cavity doesn’t work, treating it conservatively and as quickly as possible could be key to saving your child’s smile. At our Galveston, TX,… Read more »

Should Baby Teeth Get Fillings?

Preventing cavities and other dental health issues is an important part of routine children’s dental care. Combined with a good schedule of hygiene at home, regular preventive visits help prepare your child for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Sometimes, though, children can still develop cavities in their primary teeth, which can raise the question, should… Read more »

Dental Treatments that Help Prevent Cavities

Cavities can become a problem for anyone at any age, but it’s often one of the biggest focuses of your child’s dental treatment. That’s not because children’s teeth are especially susceptible to cavities, but because their inexperience in keeping up with good hygiene means oral bacteria might have a better chance of causing tooth decay…. Read more »