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Are Dental Checkups Any Different for Children?

Everyone should attend dental checkup and cleaning appointments after the age of three years old. For young children just learning to care for their smiles properly, these appointments can prove even more important. At our Galveston, TX, children’s dental office, we’re especially equipped to help prepare children for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. While… Read more »

When Do Teeth Typically Emerge?

It can be very exciting when your child’s first teeth appears. Typically, for most babies, teeth begin to appear at about six months of age. Tooth eruption schedule refers to the approximate timeline of when baby teeth and adult teeth begin to erupt or emerge from the gums. When the first teeth appear or by… Read more »

FAQ About Kids’ Dental Checkups

For both children and adults, it is important to visit the dentist for a cleaning and a checkup at least every six months. Visiting twice a year gives your dentist to identify any potential issues early. Otherwise, minor issues could be allowed to thrive and eventually progress into something quite serious.  For children, spotting issues… Read more »