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Preventing Cavities With Dental Sealants

A number of factors could limit your child’s risk of cavities, such as healthy diets and fewer sugary foods and drinks. However, some children may be susceptible to cavities even if they brush, floss, and enjoy healthy snack choices. To limit the risk of decay, we may offer children in Galveston, TX, dental sealants. How… Read more »

Tips For Healthy Summer Smiles

Summer time means your kids will be home from school and freed from their school-related obligations. However, with this new free time comes the risk of neglecting their routines, routines that could include regular brushing and flossing. In today’s blog, we’re talking about what parents in Galveston, TX, can do to help their children maintain… Read more »

How Does Fluoride Protect Little Smiles?

Along with brushing and flossing, and checkups and cleanings, your Galveston, TX dentist may suggest preventive treatments to help improve the appearance and health of the smile. With fluoride, we have a means of strengthening your children’s natural defenses against tooth decay. But how does fluoride protect little smiles?

Prevent Gum Disease With A Scaling And Root Planing

Gum disease isn’t just an issue that threatens smiles in adulthood. In fact, children may also be susceptible to gingivitis and periodontal disease, which threatens their oral health. Without treatment, the disease could cause discomfort and an increased risk of tooth loss. In order to prevent gum disease in Galveston, TX, we may suggest a… Read more »

The Benefits Of Checkups And Cleanings For Kids

Your dentist has probably told you several times to undergo a checkup and cleaning every six months. But what about kids? When should children have their teeth examined and cleaned? In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about what makes these visits so important, and when children in Galveston, TX, should see the dentist.

The Benefits Of Fluoride Treatments

Tooth decay impacts children of all ages, from babies and toddlers to teens. Without proper care, this could lead to more than just toothaches, such as painful infections or even premature tooth loss. In order to strengthen little smiles in Galveston, TX, we offer families access to fluoride treatments. What benefits will fluoride offer?

Should You Consider Dental Sealants for Your Child?

Should You Consider Dental Sealants for Your Child?The point of teaching children good hygiene practices and bringing them to the dentist’s office every six months is to prevent issues like cavities (and more) from forming. However, sometimes, your child may benefit from more than good hygiene and regular preventive cleaning to keep cavities away. At… Read more »

A Brief Look at the Value of Fluoride Treatment

The goal of teaching children good hygiene skills and getting them acquainted with visiting the dentist is to give them the tools they need to keep their smiles healthy for life. Sometimes, though, children need a little more than just skill with a toothbrush to protect their young teeth from issues such as cavities. At… Read more »

Ways to Help Your Child Avoid Toothaches

When it comes to your child’s dental health, you have plenty to be concerned about. How can you make sure the lessons you teach about dental hygiene stick? Are you sure you’re showing your child the right way to brush and floss each day? However, when your child’s tooth starts to ache, several more pressing… Read more »

Looking Back At 2018: Smile Health

Christmas is less than two weeks away and the New Year follows one week behind that. Can you believe that 2018 is already over? Did you follow through on your New Year’s Resolution? Did you even make one? Let’s use this time left in the year to take a quick look back at your family’s… Read more »