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Do You Have Questions About Dental Sealants?

We offer a few options to help children enjoy healthy smiles free of tooth decay, such as dental cleanings and even fluoride treatments. However, we have another option designed to help prevent cavities in Galveston, TX, smiles. In today’s blog, let’s talk about how dental sealants prevent tooth decay and protect smiles for years at… Read more »

Dental Sealants: A Smile’s Safety Net

The fight against cavities is not exactly an easy one for adults or children. It is important to remember that the fight is not a solitary one. Your children have you, their parents or guardians, to help them defend their smiles. Your dentist is also a strong ally in the protection of smile health. When… Read more »

My Kids Love Sugary Stuff!

Babies and children have a biological predilection towards sweet foods and drinks. It starts with the slightly sweet nature of breast milk. Kids are hardwired to seek foods that will provide their growing bodies with energy. In nature, energy-providing foods like fruit are sweet. The issue with this natural inclination towards sweet, sugary stuff is… Read more »

Extra Smile Protection With Dental Sealants

Protecting their child is often a parent’s number one priority. This protection includes keeping them safe and healthy. Protecting your child’s smile is not something you should have to do alone. By teaching your child good oral health habits, they can play a big part in protecting their smile. Your dentist and their dental team… Read more »

Q&A: Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a biocompatible acrylic layer painted directly onto teeth. The protective layer prevents harmful bacteria, tartar, and plaque from accumulating onto the surface of the teeth. By preventing this accumulation, the risk of tooth decay and cavity-development is reduced. Dental sealants can be used by both adults and children, but are most often… Read more »