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Our Team Offers Special Needs Dental Care

For children and adults with special needs, receiving the care necessary to keep smiles healthy and strong may be difficult. However, your Galveston, TX, dentist understands, and we’re ready to help those with special needs obtain the care needed to protect their smiles for years to come. What should patients and their families expect from… Read more »

We Offer Special Needs Dentistry

For parents of children with special needs, finding an office able to accommodate and help their kids can be a difficult prospect. We understand, and are proud to offer families in Galveston, TX, access to quality dentistry for special needs patients. Let’s talk about the services we offer our young patients, and the benefits of… Read more »

What’s Special About Special Needs Dentistry?

Developmental disabilities can make everyday dental care a challenge, which can make routine dental visits even more important for those of us with challenges. Children and adults with special health care needs still need care just like everyone else, but they may require a dentist who caters to those with specialized needs. Special needs dentistry… Read more »