Fluoride Treatment

Healthy teeth stay healthy with good hygiene and regular general dental care, but the secret to their strength lies in the natural, highly-mineralized layer that surrounds them. As the most resilient substance your body produces, tooth enamel can withstand an incredible amount of pressure, protecting the main structures of your teeth from wear and damage. When enamel grows weak, however, teeth are more susceptible to damage and tooth decay, and for children, this risk can also pose a threat to the development of their permanent teeth. To strengthen their tooth enamel and reduce their risks of cavities, children can often benefit from topical fluoride treatment, which can be applied during a routine preventive checkup and cleaning appointment.

Keeping Teeth Strong with Good Hygiene

Made almost entirely of mineral crystals, tooth enamel remains strong by relying on the minerals within your teeth. When oral bacteria gather, many of them can produce harmful acids that weaken enamel, making it possible to reach and infect a tooth’s main structure. As a mineral, fluoride can strengthen weakened enamel by bonding to its structure, reducing the risks of enamel erosion and resulting cavities. We can also help keep teeth strong by helping parents teach children to maintain a regular routine of good hygiene at home and introducing healthy eating habits that limit oral bacteria accumulation.

Learn More About the Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

To strengthen your child’s teeth against cavities and more, find out if fluoride treatment is the right option. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Children’s Dental in Galveston, TX, today at 409-744-4551.