Hospital Dentistry

When More Involved Care Is Required

One of Dr. Black’s passions is caring for little children who have difficulty receiving treatment in the typical dental office setting. Whether due to extreme dental anxiety or to health issues that make it difficult to remain calm, such as special needs patients, hospital dentistry may provide a significant advantage in the success of treatments. Your child will be comfortably put to general anesthesia by medical anesthesia providers at the hospital, and all expected treatments can be completed in a single visit.

Dr. Kevin Black is currently the only dental provider credentialed to provide pediatric dental services at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. He treats children not only from Galveston, TX, but from all communities surrounding the greater Houston area.

Learn More by Scheduling a Visit

If you or your child have special needs, or require more extensive than usual treatment, then learn more about the benefits of Dr. Black’s hospital privileges. To schedule a consultation with us, call Children’s Dental in Galveston, TX, today at 409-744-4551.