Tooth Restorations

Restoring Children’s Primary and Permanent Teeth

Through regular dental care and a consistently good hygiene routine, children can learn to prevent serious dental issues from developing. For children who still retain their primary teeth, a custom restoration can help them avoid losing one or more of them prematurely. Common concerns that often require restoration include teeth that have been worn down due to uneven bite pressure, the development of a cavity, cracked or fractured teeth, and more. If left unaddressed, such issues can compromise the growth, development, and eruption of your child’s permanent teeth, leading to a need for more extensive restorative treatment as they grow older. For children with special needs, we offer a variety of behavioral support and sedation treatment options to make their restorative care more comfortable and successful.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Children often develop cavities because they have not yet developed consistently good dental hygiene habits, or have not yet become accustomed to regular preventive visits. When prevention fails and a cavity develops, your child’s dentist can recommend a biocompatible tooth-colored filling to treat it. A filling can stop tooth decay from affecting more of the primary tooth’s structure or spreading enough to affect the permanent tooth developing underneath it.

Dental Crowns

If your child’s primary tooth becomes worn down, cracked, or fractured, then it can cause increasingly worse discomfort as the damage grows worse. Rather than extracting the tooth, your child’s dentist may suggest restoring it with a dental crown until it is ready to fall out on its own. Prematurely extracting a baby tooth could interrupt the growth and development of the underlying permanent tooth, causing it to grow crooked or fail to erupt from the jawbone at all.

Find Out How We Can Restore Your Child’s Tooth

Though regular care can usually prevent most dental issues, your child may still require a custom restoration to prevent a threat to their permanent smiles. To find out if your child can benefit from a tooth restoration, schedule a consultation by calling Children’s Dental in Galveston, TX, today at 409-744-4551.